The school has responsibility for first aid only. In case of illness, your child will be cared for until you arrive or the student is returned to the classroom. In case of minor injuries, first aid will be administered to the child and the child will be returned to class. In the case of a major injury, first aid will be administered and the parent will be notified. The principal or designee will call 911 for assistance if an illness or injury requires urgent care or is potentially serious. Certain conditions require a student to be sent home. Please help us by making arrangements to pick up your child quickly.


Please try to arrange schedules for the administration of medicine outside of the school day. If medication must be sent to school, the following legal requirements must be met:

  1. For each prescribed medicine, the student’s parent or guardian must complete an OCPS AUTHORIZATION FOR MEDICATION FORM, which is available in the clinic, and personally deliver the medicine to the office.
  2. All prescribed medication must be received in the ORIGINAL container. The prescription label must show: date, student’s name, dosage and time to be administered.
  3. If it is necessary for medication to be taken home, the parent or guardian must pick it up after dismissal. Parents or guardians are responsible for transporting medications to and from school.


Head lice may be found in any school. OCPS policy states, any student with head lice may not stay in school. Students with head lice will be isolated and then taken home. Nits and lice must be removed at home before returning to school. Before returning to the classroom, the student must be checked by the clinic. Please accompany your child to the school clinic when returning to school. School wide head checks will be done the first week of school. All classes will be checked on a rotating basis year-round.